hake, white pudding, beans

We may be heading into winter good and proper now, but while it’s still reasonably mild outside and particularly when the sun is shining, I’m not yet in the mood for the hearty, warming fodder that fills the long, cold months. There’s plenty of time for all that and I, for one, am in no rush for it.

So fish and lighter meats are my foods of choice at the moment, and bringing them together on one plate is even better still. If you’re not convinced of the idea, think southern European (notably Spanish and Portuguese) combinations, such as pork and clams, or the old favourite ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ idea.

Hake and white pudding is just another variation on the theme. Give it a try: beautiful pan-fried hake fillet, together with crisp-edged slices of white pudding, served atop white beans (these were cannellini) simmered gently with shallots and garlic in chicken stock and saffron, with greens (I used rocket) added at the last moment and cooked until wilted.

It all makes for a light and delicious umami-packed meal that’ll have you pondering other fish and meat experiments to try…

2 Responses to hake, white pudding, beans

  1. That looks fabulous. I’ve never tried white pudding!

  2. This looks wonderful – love anything beany.

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